Simple Pleasures of Life
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

The world is throwing a lot at us each day. I witness and write about fast-paced changes locally and in our global economy. Life is now moving at an exponential pace – not just linear. Technological changes are accelerating. The average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company is now closer to 15 years – not nearly 70 years as it once was. Our jobs and our world are changing fast. How do you and I deal with such change? We enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

We cannot stop the rapid changes that are upon us. No amount of effort on our part can halt this pace. However, we can do something about what we focus on. You and I can take time each day to enjoy our simple, everyday pleasures. I can find solace in a simple lunch with my favorite Empire apple. It gives me pleasure to enjoy one and reflect on my many trips to the local orchard to pick them up with my family. I enjoy chatting with co-workers. These, and many others, are the simple pleasures that daily life holds for us – if we take the opportunity to notice them.

Life gets busy. We need to notice life’s simplest offerings. Almost all of them are free. We can have them if we choose them. I, like many, get nostalgic. I do miss the days when my kids were home and young. I miss evening meals and family holidays. Life seemed slower then. I have learned that life will pass me by if I do not take the time for the simple offerings of the day. Focusing on significant events that are less frequent can rob me of the daily offerings. Simple can be better. Frequent can be satisfying. There is so much abundance that I can miss. How about you?

What simple pleasures in your life could you notice more often? How could you find the mental and physical capacity to see them daily? Who in your life could you reconnect with in the simplest of ways? How can you help others notice the simple pleasures of their lives?

One of my simple pleasures is writing this weekly message. I hope it gives you a brief moment to pause, learn a little, and enjoy your life a little more.