Are You Making a Difference?
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Everyone I know wants to be making a difference – in both small and larger ways.  Are you making a difference?  This is an important question to ask ourselves as leaders.  Maybe, the single most important question. Why?  Because if we feel we are making a difference we will likely lean in and work at it and enjoy what we are doing.

Of course, this question is not an easy one.  In fact, we need to be clear with ourselves and others on what we use as guides and gauges for “making a difference.”  What outcomes do we seek?  How do we expect to treat others?  Do we see “service” as vital?  Who are we making a difference with? These are just some of the ways to gauge if we are making a difference.  I have found it critical to get very clear on what ways I am seeking to make a difference in this one life I have to live.

As I write this week’s message, I am celebrating my birthday.  At certain times in our lives we need to take time to check in on how we are doing.  Making a difference has been high on my list of priorities. I want to be contributing to those who mean the most to me.  I want to be the best husband and father possible, a devoted family member and friend, a servant leader at MACNY, and an engaged and contributing member of our community. These are the people and ways I want to give my all to.  As a I reflect back, I feel blessed to have all these wonderful people to serve and be with.  In little and larger ways, I can make a difference.  On this day, I feel I am making a difference—and I feel good about that.

On this day, I am also excited about a new chapter in my life.  This year, I became an author.  My book, available Monday, is about the type of leadership I believe is necessary to thrive in today’s economy. I have the vantage point of working with some of the most incredible leaders and companies anywhere in the world.  I have learned volumes.  And now I am making these learnings practical and executable for any leader.  I am so excited to share this with you and many others in my book titled, Present-Future Leader:  How to Thrive in Today’s Economy.

Starting on Monday, May 21st, my book is available for digital download on Amazon.  From Monday through to 6 PM on Friday, it is free to all as a gift from MACNY and me.  Please download it for yourself and share the link with your friends far and wide.  We are hoping to get thousands of copies out to those who can use it most.  I hope you will find it practical, inspiring, and ultimately helpful in your quest to make a difference in your life as a leader!