Summer Reset and Fall Launch
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

In Upstate New York, we love our summers. The weather turns warm, school is out, and we can enjoy more extended daylight. At MACNY, it is the season we use to prepare for our coming year of events and offerings. I will not lie; it is an exciting time for the team at MACNY.

We use the summer to plan and prepare for another great year ahead. We update our training offerings and refresh our council events. This year, we will be providing new offerings, new tours, and new presenters for our professional councils. We also use the summer to spend time envisioning how we can provide even more value to our members. And, it’s the perfect time for you to tell us what you want from us. We listen. We plan. We deliver – as we have for 109 years and counting. It works. We talk with you, and you help us plan our year ahead. This makes every year a new chance to serve you better. We need your help.

Our team stands ready to help you in countless ways. First, check out our renewed websites at and Then, call or email any team member and talk with them about what you need. If we can’t provide it, we can help you find someone who can. Each year we serve thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies. So, let’s work together to make sure we are providing what you need and want!

Last year, we used our digital platforms and state-of-the-art digital presentation rooms to stay connected with our members. We will continue to utilize these platforms for council meetings, training, and webinars so our members can join us from anywhere they are. This adds countless opportunities for you to participate. Last year we offered well over 300 different informational, training, and development events. We remain excited to bring these great offerings to every individual within our over 300 member companies.

Throughout the year, we will continue to pursue advocacy efforts to help your companies address your concerns and needs. We will also continue to offer a robust suite of workforce development offerings, including our popular Registered Apprenticeship program. Partners for Education and Business, Inc. (PEB) will be there to help develop our future workforce. Our business services team is as committed as ever to offer various money-saving programs such as our energy purchasing program and healthcare consortium. As you can see, we’ve been busy.

With your help, we are rebuilding a vibrant manufacturing and technology sector!