The COVID Threat Is Still Real But Different Now
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

COVID-19 has challenged us for over a year now. And today, the threat continues to evolve—presenting us with even more questions and requiring continued vigilance. Although we know more than we did when this crisis began, we are far from having a clear path to eliminating this threat. It will take all of our efforts to emerge successfully.

The last few weeks have brought a resurgence of COVID-19 with the rapid spread of the Delta variant.  This will require us to examine our course of action in both public spaces and within our organizations. We have successfully navigated this crisis so far. I am convinced we will be successful in this stage as well. However, it will take our collective focus, continued learning, and swift action.

Our Keeping People Safe & Factories Running program will continue with renewed efforts to help members prepare and manage the coming months. If you would like to join the group or learn more, please contact Cindy Oehmigen at [email protected]. You can also learn more on our website at This group is discussing everything from new masking requirements to how to best handle vaccine hesitation. The power of working together has never been more critical than during this crisis caused by the pandemic.

Organizations will certainly prepare and continue to operate during this period. It is up to us to determine the best course of action to deal with the surge of COVID due to the Delta variant. If you are not yet vaccinated–and are eligible for it–it’s time to get it. The Delta variant is highly contagious and has changed what to expect if you get COVID. All who can get a vaccine must do so now. In the months ahead, we expect to see the vaccine offered to children as well. The vaccinations of children will further assist our communities in moving beyond this pandemic. We must do all we can to emerge from this crisis.

Finally, stay positive and continue to move forward with your life. Although COVID-19 has not yet receded, we are in a significantly better place regarding our economy and our tools to combat this virus. We have come a long way. We have the opportunity to beat this illness and rebuild our manufacturing and regional economies back better than they were before. Let’s commit to doing this together. Thank you for all you are doing to combat COVID and return us to economic growth once again.