The Next Page: Past, Present, and Future
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Today the 100th episode of The Next Page podcast was released. For those of you that don’t know, The Next Page is a podcast that Marisa Norcross and I do each week. My weekly post and emails are only 300 to 400 words and it’s pretty hard to fully develop a thought in so few words, so the podcast is a continuation of the email, thus the name The Next Page. The idea came from the need for digital content that could be available on demand and enjoyed on the go.

We started in a spare office at MACNY huddled around our microphones and sound shields. We scripted out a couple of opening and closing lines and recorded a test run. Perhaps to Marisa’s surprise, I said “That’s good. Let’s use it!” and our first episode was ready to be released. One hundred episodes later, The Next Page has been listened to in 34 states and 16 countries. People from Ohio, Michigan, and California have commented on the value they have received from our weekly conversations.

There were a few hurdles to get over. Marisa went out on maternity leave, the countless colds that left me without much of a voice. There were the episodes when we had mic issues because I forgot to plug mine in (thankfully my laptop is smarter than me and recorded with an internal mic). Through all of that, we only had one episode that needed to be re-recorded. Engineer Tim had to do some crazy editing from time to time, but only that one episode had to be completely re-done.

I want to thank Marisa for her dedication and support. Her insights and perspective are a vital part of the podcast. I also want to thank the guests that we had during Marisa’s maternity leave. They helped keep the podcast relevant and interesting for our listeners.

The power of commitment is amazing. To create 100 episodes is an incredibly difficult task. To create an email, generate notes and talking points, and then record a conversation with a friend is doable. Commitment to doing it each week is the key to reaching 100 episodes. What are you committed to doing?

Where will The Next Page go next? You will need to listen in to this week’s episode to find out!

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