The Tortoise on the Fence Post
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

As I write this post, I am in Orlando at the International Maxwell Certification. When I return to Central New York, I will be bringing three days’ worth of inspiring presentations and teachings with me. One of those teachings was given by author and award-winning radio show host Dave Ramsey. His teaching started with a picture of a tortoise sitting high atop a fence post. I thought it was an odd picture to start a teaching, and Dave quickly moved on with his presentation. As he wrapped up his teaching, he reminded us of the story of the tortoise and the hare. We all know that story. The hare is much faster than the tortoise, but the tortoise always wins the race because he methodically moves in the right direction with focused persistence, while the much quicker hare scampers around distracted by everything and anything. But what about the tortoise on the fence post? Dave added that the tortoise on the fence post gets to see things that he could never have imagined. The view is spectacular, and he can see for what seems to be miles, but he could never have gotten there on his own.

It was a great teaching on Dave’s momentum theorem loosely related to the tortoise and the hare, but for me, the more powerful takeaway was of the tortoise on the fence post. I have been the tortoise on the fence post. I was and am given opportunities to see and experience things I never thought were possible. People have come into my life to pick me up and help me get to the top of the fence post.

As leaders, we need to be looking at our families, teams, and community to see who needs a lift. Who needs someone to open doors, give a word of encouragement, or offer an opportunity to shine and excel? Who can you help to the top of the fence post?

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