A successful Continuous Improvement Journey starts with a foundation of changing the culture, which almost always starts with 5S. Why? Because 5S is not just cleaning and sorting. It is about creating a standard way of doing things. When MACNY’s Continuous Improvement Council Executive Committee put together the plans for the 2018-2019 events, it seemed very fitting to end the year with something special. What company could be a shining example of that commitment to standard work?

Who demonstrates better than pit crews? Watkins Glen International not only understands the value of standard work, they are also a sports entertainment company.  It isn’t enough for this team to be a successful, prominent race track. They are also launching a 50-megawatt solar energy project commencing later this summer on their 800-acre property. We are excited to offer a unique experience to MACNY Council Members, all MACNY members, and even potential MACNY Members. Please join us on June 11th for an afternoon of Solar Education, a Pace Car experience, dinner, and networking at its best. All with a backdrop of racers on the track. Register now before we reach capacity!