Time to Grab the Baton – Part 2
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Attending a live symphony concert is one of the greatest pleasures in life. For me, the thrill begins with the Concert Master coming out to make sure all the instruments are in tune. Then the concert hall goes silent and out walks the conductor as the applause slowly swells, and once again, the hall falls silent. Suspense builds. A slight tap of the baton, the rise of the conductor’s hands, and as those hands drop, the amazing sounds played in perfect harmonies fill every corner of the hall. You don’t just hear the sound; you feel the vibrations of the strings, the resonance of the reeds and horns, and the thunder of the percussion. It is simply magical.

Last week I introduced this topic and the preparation that is needed to create this magical experience. I compared the preparation for the musicians to the training leaders need to give their organizations. We identified Learning Together, Project-based Learning, and Specialized Learning, as tools in the leader’s toolbox. Our team, like the musicians, needs to spend many hours preparing to create a masterpiece for our organizations. Now it’s time to put it all together.

The conductor knows the musical score better than the individual musicians. They understand how each part fits together. When one instrument needs to get louder and another softer, and the rests, those critical times when instruments need to be silent. The leader also needs to know when one team member needs to shine more than others. They need to know when some may need to “play quieter” or take a more supportive role. They need to know when a very specialized team member needs to bring out subtle beauty like an Oboe or a French Horn. They need to know when a team member needs a rest so they can finish the masterpiece strong.

When we have chosen the best team, chosen the best score to conduct from, and made sure our team has learned what they need to know, we will be able to conduct a masterpiece that will amaze and bless all those who are privileged to experience it. As one who had the privilege of playing and conducting, there is nothing like it.

Please join Marisa Norcross and me for Episode 216 of The Next Page podcast as we discuss how this process will help you grow and retain your team while strengthening your bottom line.

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