To Write, or Not to Write –  Part 2
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Last week I wrote about the power of journaling. I shared many of the benefits of the journaling process. On Episode 91 of The Next Page, Marisa and I shared our successes, failures, and tips regarding the process of journaling. I also shared that I would be traveling to the International Maxwell Certification event and would try a new tactic for my journaling and I’m happy to report that it worked great.

My journaling practice has primarily been answering my daily reflection questions. Depending on what the question it is, I either answer it early or late in the day. Last week, I committed to Marisa and our listeners that I would journal my thoughts while taking notes in the various training sessions I attended at the conference. Some years ago, I developed my own planer system, so it is very easy for me to adjust the format. I decided to code my comments and notes this time around. An asterisk for things that were simply notes and a “J” if it was a journal entry. Doing this allowed me to go back into my notes quickly and find the journal entries. At the end of the day, I also went through and highlighted anything that was a journal entry so that it could stand out even more.

So, what did I learn? What good did this do? I will tell you that I was able to experience the event from a totally different perspective. Instead of focusing only on the content I was receiving and processing, I was able to bring my thought life more alive. My experiences took on an entirely new dimension. I was able to be more grateful for the kindness of others because the experience didn’t pass as quickly once I made a note of it and knew I’d be revisiting it later. I would jot down thoughts about how I felt when I heard something that touched me. Not that they were critical to the content that I was recieving, but they were critical to what I was thinking when I heard the content which brings relevancy to my notes.

As I said, it was an amazing experience for me. Please join Marisa and me on Episode 92 of The Next Page podcast as we discuss in greater depth what I learned through this journaling experience.

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