Vaccinated Freedoms
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

This week Governor Cuomo announced that New York State would follow the new CDC guidelines for vaccinated people. The CDC issued its research-based findings indicating that in nearly all cases, with some notable exceptions, vaccinated people can resume normal activity without COVID precautions, including mask wearing and social distancing. New York State has changed its guidelines following the CDC recommendations. The new guidance can be found here:

This new guidance has created two overwhelming reactions – relief and joy for those who are vaccinated and fear and confusion on what we should be doing regarding individuals who are not vaccinated. As a business owner or community leader, it has undoubtedly created a dilemma. Like so much of this crisis, we will need to work our way through this new stage of the crisis.

First, the good news, medical experts say the vaccines are safe and highly effective. On the surface, this is quite remarkable and soothing. Our way back to a more normal life is through a high rate of vaccination for those 12 years of age and over. In development are vaccinations for those starting at six months. School-age children may have them by this fall. By some accounts, the speed and effectiveness of the vaccination effort rival other remarkable scientific achievements. Millions of deaths and severe illnesses will be avoided. This is something to both praise and be grateful for.

Now, the more challenging news. It remains unclear how to get everyone vaccinated. Let’s not forget this important task. It is a community challenge – which makes it all of our challenge. Much planning, preparation, and execution will still be needed to get us beyond this crisis completely. I am asking you not to lose sight of the challenges even as we celebrate our evolving milestones. The job is not complete until it is complete for all of us. I recall the wise words of one of my commanding officers while in the U.S. Army. He said, “Everyone comes home – that is our promise to each other.”

MACNY remains committed to finishing the task. We will continue to support you through our digital programming even after the pandemic. Our Keeping People Safe and Factories Running cohort of member companies will continue to pioneer approaches to vaccination campaigns and safe reopening. MACNY’s routine updates will keep you abreast of the latest news and solutions. And, our team is in the process of offering digital, hybrid, and in-person events and services for the foreseeable future. Please let us know how we can help. We remain honored and humbled to be with you on the journey.