We Need to Focus on Supporting Manufacturing and Business Growth
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Governor Hochul made history this week as the first woman elected Governor in New York State. We congratulate her and all other officials who won their elections this past Tuesday. We look forward to working with them to strengthen our economy as we grow manufacturing and technology businesses here in our State.

Elections offer an opportunity for all of us to be heard. Specifically, midterm elections provide a unique opportunity to communicate the need to strengthen manufacturing and grow businesses. MACNY and its affiliated political action committees, MIPAC and MANUPAC, have been active in communicating the need to continue to build up our economy in the year ahead. Therefore, it has been vitally important for our members to engage in the electoral process and share their voice on important issues.

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of the New York State economy. New York State remains one of our country’s 10 largest manufacturing states. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the manufacturing sector can thrive. With recent announcements of massive manufacturing investments in our region and throughout New York State, it is the right time to create the best business climate in the country. This will enable our state business and manufacturing sectors to grow jobs. I believe that the Governor’s and our Legislative leaders’ budget and policy proposals need to advance specific actions that will do just that. Also, we need to evaluate all new legislation based on its ability to make New York State more competitive for job growth and business investment.

Specifically, we need additional tax relief for small and medium manufacturers which cannot take advantage of the corporate tax cut that is in effect for corporate manufacturers. In addition, we must continue to invest in the workforce of today and tomorrow – including expanding the highly successful Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program that has been successfully launched and sustained by MACNY throughout the State. Finally, having sufficient and reliable energy for our growth will also be essential. These issues – along with improving our workers’ compensation system and reducing wasteful regulations are just a few ways they can encourage manufacturers and businesses to invest in their companies and grow jobs. We look forward to working with Governor Hochul and her colleagues in the Senate and Assembly to put forward a business-friendly budget and business-friendly legislation this year.

In Washington, DC, we see the opportunity to create a more favorable climate to grow manufacturing operations and investments in the United States. Congratulations to Senator Schumer and our Congressional Representatives who won election. MACNY believes that a heightened focus on increasing manufacturing and high-tech jobs here in our country can pay substantial dividends. Better and enforced trade agreements can bring new jobs and added investment to existing manufacturers and technology companies. Reasonable regulations and the reduction of harmful ones can spur growth in all sectors of our economy. The United States has become the best-developed county in the world to make products – it’s time our political leaders assist this growth through intelligent policies in continued tax reform, ongoing regulatory reform, and a focus on fair trade. We look forward to working with our federal legislative representatives to grow the opportunity for the manufacturing sector to prosper.

At MACNY, we look forward to working with our elected officials and our members to capitalize on our momentum for growth. We cannot just settle for what we once had. Innovation, growth, and further investment will not just happen. We need to work hard at it. And we will do so together. I look forward to an even better 2023!