We Need Your Voice For NYS Manufacturing Growth
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

As the manufacturing economy continues to recover, we are presented with the opportunity to support manufacturing growth here in New York State. Unfortunately, New York State small- and medium—sized manufacturers pay one of the highest income tax rates of any state in the country. This makes our state less attractive to manufacturers and less competitive on a global scale.

New York State runs the real risk of losing good-paying manufacturing jobs and companies if it does not extend tax parity to all manufacturers in the state. How do we know this? You, our members, tell us every day.

In 2014, New York State created a growth environment for large manufacturers (C Corporations). MACNY and its members advocated for this critical investment in manufacturing. It spurred expansion and made our state more attractive to new large businesses. It allowed us to compete for the next generation of semiconductor chip fabs, green jobs, food production facilities, and other high-tech manufacturing companies. This allowed our state to remain a top 10 manufacturing state within our nation. While these measures continue to make a difference, it only has benefited about 25% of our state’s manufacturers. The rest of our state’s manufacturers still pay the highest tax rates in the country.

As a result, many of these smaller, family-owned manufacturers struggle to keep operations going. This year’s state budget process serves as a real opportunity to solve this problem and correct the inequity. It’s time to give all manufacturers, and the thousands of hardworking individuals employed at them each day, the same opportunity to grow and invest here in New York State. We will need your help securing this critical change in the NYS Budget.

Legislation has been introduced in the NYS Assembly and Senate that would extend tax parity to all of New York’s small-to-medium-sized manufacturers and allow all manufacturers to grow and prosper here in our communities. Tax parity would produce thousands of new manufacturing jobs for underserved populations, economic benefits for our local communities, and great-paying careers for more individuals. This is intelligent economic development at its finest.

Join me in telling your elected officials to support manufacturing job growth, especially tax parity for small and medium manufacturers. This is now easier than ever with the i360 letter platform. Click here to easily send a letter supporting this change directly to your legislators. The Senate and Assembly are currently working on their one-house budgets. We need hundreds of letters sent if we are to make an impact. Please do it today!

We do have opportunities to make our state more robust than ever. First, however, we need to support small-to-medium sized manufacturers. As we’ve learned from the ongoing COVID pandemic, manufacturers in New York rose to the challenge to help produce critical supplies. Now they are looking to New York State to support them and invest in their growth.