What Changes Are You Making in 2020?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

If you are like most people, you decided to make some changes in 2020. Small or large they had some meaning to you. How are you doing with those? Don’t worry—if you are like most people, it is not going so well.

Change is very hard. Meaningful, lasting change is even harder. Why? Because we need to break through old habits that stand in the way of the new. What we are used to doing is a well-worn path. We can do it without much thought. It is who we are. We can become attached to this person – even if we don’t like them very much. This is why the science and art of habit change is so popular – and important – today.

We are what we do – not what we think. Sure, thinking is important in determining our future, but only if we then do something different. If not, they are just dreams – or nightmares. Sometimes the smartest thing to do is nothing – but not when it comes to positive changes that we know are necessary for our lives or our businesses. In these cases, change is what is urgently needed. We need to have an approach that allows us to be highly successful. In today’s fast-changing, globally competitive environment, it is a necessity to do what we know we must do.

I have found personal habit change to be the hardest, yet most satisfying changes I make. Once I have made the difficult change I know I must make, it alters my life. I am a better leader, a better husband, and a better father. I am just a better person. I do believe this is true for all of us.

Let me give you a personal success story. One of my biggest change efforts was to get healthier. I say healthier since it is a journey and not a destination. About four years ago now my health was failing. It was so very concerning for me. The stress, lack of a healthy diet, and not much exercise were taking a heavy toll. I was not happy – and those around me could see it. I then became aware of an entire group of studies and information about habit change. I was pleasantly surprised that I could change any habit I wanted to – if I truly wanted to and committed to beginning. So, I started. Over the course of that year, I recorded my calories for the day, weighed myself daily, and began to eat healthier. I took a multivitamin daily. I began to get daily exercise. It was a struggle to keep it going. I kept score daily and learned from my daily failures. I lost 20 pounds. My overall health dramatically improved. I was happier and less stressed. Today, I have kept the weight off and maintain most of the new habits I committed to. It works – if I keep doing it. I no longer think about being healthier. I am healthier through my actions. It is who I am now – not who I think I should be.

What changes are you attempting to make in 2020? How is it going? Who can help you achieve these important changes? Can you help others make positive changes in 2020? We all need to be developing and changing. Make 2020 your year of successful change!