What Do You Want in 2018?

The new year is upon us.  Like most, I ask, where did 2017 go?  The year went way too fast for me!  But, now it is time to focus on 2018 and what it will mean for me.  Without this focus, 2018 can escape from me.  Intentionality is the key to my success in the year ahead.

Have you ever experienced a day where you ended it and wondered what did you actually do?  I did so just yesterday.  As I reflected back, the day was full but so many moments were not productive.  Other moments involved missed opportunities.  Some moments I saw great outcomes and desired more of them.  Most of my days have elements of success, missed opportunities, and potential improvements. When we think about it – our days are all we really have.

That is why we must begin to focus like a laser beam on 2018.  If we are intentional about it, we can make our days in 2018 more productive and successful. But, only if we determine what it is we want – and then take action to accomplish it.  Otherwise, it will slip away like so many other days – and years.  And, in today’s economy, we just can’t afford very many days – and years – like that!

So, what do you want for your business in 2018?  What do you want for you?  Your team?  Be specific so you can actually go after it!  Stop for a moment and ask yourself why you want it?  Your why will give you the motivation and passion to actually put in the sweat and tears to accomplish it.  Now, move to the how and where and when.  Get specific.  Schedule it.  Determine who you want to do it with.  As you do all of this, write it down so you can review it daily – or at least weekly.  If you envision it – you are 10 times more likely to accomplish it.  Your brain literally begins to look for it – subconsciously – and you find it!  We use only a fraction of our real brain capacity and our human skill sets.  Writing it down and reviewing it each day can take only seconds and pays very big dividends.

I have a list of outcomes or goals I review daily.  They are in all aspects of my life – personal, community, and work-related.  They are physical, mental, and spiritual.  They include places I want to go and things I want to do.  As I do them, I check them off – and add new ones.  Miraculously, opportunities appear and I take them.  Or, were they really miracles?  Did my subconscious just recognize them, and because I wrote them down and reviewed them daily, I can now see and get them?  All I know is that they were not happening until I faithfully executed this simple process.  For me, the results speak for themselves.

So, what do you want in 2018?  Will you be specific?  Will you write them down?  Will you review them daily?  If you do, you may find 2018 to be a Very Happy New Year after all!