What’s Your Diet Like?
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

I am sure you have heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” Lately, I have been starting to pay much closer attention to what I am eating and trying to make better choices. Have you ever thought about your mental diet? Similar to our nutritional diet, our thought life is controlled by our mental diet. We are also the sum of the five people we associate with the most. We are what we are taking in mentally.

This past week I came across this quote “Be happy, not because everything is good, but because you see the good in everything.” Many of you know that I have been struggling with an upper respiratory issue for over eight weeks. As I read that quote it was such a challenge for me. What good could I see in being sick for two months? Before long, my mind went to people I know who are really suffering. Suffering from illnesses that will not be getting better but will only progress further. I thought about the burden it is placing on their families and before long, my lingering cough didn’t seem too bad.

Last Wednesday my wife called me to see when I could visit our favorite chiropractor. Apparently, my daughter-in-law mentioned to him that I had been under the weather, and he wanted to see me. My appointment was this morning and we talked through what I could do to improve my physical condition. What started as a shift in my mental diet, progressed to me realizing that I need to improve my eating habits and start working on becoming healthier physically.

So, let’s go back to the quote; by thinking about it, I realized I am very blessed, and others really need my prayers and support whenever possible. Today, I was reminded of how much my daughter-in-law loves and cares about me and how much my favorite chiropractor cares about me. My current physical condition also inspired me to work on my overall health and moving forward I will eat better and get more exercise. Now that I have made that public, you can all help to hold me accountable.

Isn’t it interesting how changing my mental diet resulted in other improvements in my life? As we move into this holiday season, why not evaluate what you are taking in mentally and prepare to have an amazing 2024? Next week I will share with you how my growth plan is shifting for 2024.

I hope you and yours have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!