When Do You Re-energize?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

We are expected to always be “on.” This is a challenging task to accomplish. And yet, we know we owe it to our teams and organizations to be at our best. Given the stresses and challenges that accompany any leadership role, we must create a rhythm that allows us to continue to excel. How do we do that?

What I have learned is a leader needs to plan to re-energize. We must be just as committed to rest and recovery as we are to execution and outcomes. If not, we will burn out, which will show in our performance. Leadership is demonstrated, and our teams do what they see. If we are stressed, our team will be stressed; if we do not have time to rest and re-energize, neither will they. This sets up our teams for failure.

Rest and recovery are the hallmarks of extraordinary performers at all organizations and all levels. And, it does not “just happen.” It’s a part of the routine of great athletes, coaches, and leaders. However, it may be the part of leadership that gets the least attention. I am convinced it is because it can be seen as a “weakness” by some. Our culture emphasizes outcomes. Rest and recovery are not often considered necessary for sustainable achievement – but they most certainly are. Therefore, we as leaders must build a recovery regimen that we execute daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. We must also encourage our teams to do the same thing. Such an emphasis will result in happier, healthier, more sustainable organizations with better business outcomes.

I recently returned from a time away to rest and recover. I spent nearly a week away to reflect and take stock of the best way to go forward in my life. It is a part of my annual recovery effort. Vacation, daily rituals, weekly reviews, monthly planning, and attentiveness to my readiness are what I must do to sustain my ability to lead. It is more needed than ever before.

So, what are you doing to rest and recover? Do you have rituals to re-energize based on your challenges and opportunities? Do you encourage others to develop a routine that allows them to give their best through thoughtful recovery? If not, it’s time to start.

I certainly hope you get some time to enjoy our terrific summers in Upstate New York. Maybe I will see you at one of our great summer festivals! Enjoy your rest and recovery. It is what gives your leadership abilities the best opportunity to shine!