When Does Your Team Dream the Future?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Staying ahead of the changes occurring in the world today is difficult. It can be a grind and take all of your team’s energy and effort. However, you can’t create the future together if you never take the time to imagine what it is and what you will need to do to get there. Do you have your own “dream team” moments?

Success is nearly always created twice. It’s first created in the mind and then in reality. However, if you and your team don’t do the initial “dream” creation it is nearly impossible to be successful. You could just get lucky – but I wouldn’t bet on it. In a survey of leading executives published by The Journal of Business Research, only 2% attribute their success to luck. The rest contribute it to hard work in creating their futures—and so should you.

This past Friday, the entire MACNY team spent the day offsite discussing our future. We started with last year’s achievement and then discussed our big vision. Then we worked our way to strategy and tactics. We selected team leaders and identified team members for each part of the vision we were dreaming together. Everyone contributed in their own unique way. MACNY is so much more than it was even a few short years ago. And we have wonderful plans to make it even more valuable for our members. This only happens when our team spends time dreaming of its future together.

Of course, our dreaming and working on the future is not restricted to a one-day experience. We formalize our efforts and work on them weekly. We live the future and create it day by day. However, we do need times to pause and refresh the vision throughout the year. We also work to ensure it is big enough to make a difference.

My first thought the morning after was just how much I enjoyed the event. I loved watching how the team supported each other. I was inspired by their commitment and humbled by their talent. It was such an honor to be a part of something so important to our team and the community. I am convinced we all want to make a difference in the world – even in a small way. As a leader, I want to tap into that innate instinct we all have. It makes the world a better place and our lives richer.

When does your team dream together? When do they plan for an exciting future that allows them to make a difference? Do you, as a leader, encourage this kind of activity for your teammates individually and collectively? How could you make more time for this creative activity? The future is created twice. I encourage you to be intentional about spending time dreaming about the future with your team – and doing it often. I have seen just how important it is in our member companies and here at MACNY. It is well worth your effort.