Who Will Help Me Accomplish My Dreams?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

We all have dreams. Dreams for how our days, months, and lives will turn out. But how do we actually accomplish these dreams? The best way to start is by asking, “Who will help me?” The simple task of asking ourselves who will help us with our dreams can open up incredibly exciting possibilities. It will get us started on the path to execution.

Dreams are wildly important to most everything we will accomplish. A dream captivates us. It helps us devote long hours of our attention to specific actions. It gets us up in the morning – even when every fiber of our being says to stay in bed. Dreams make life both meaningful and exciting. When we execute on this – everything can change.

One powerful activator for dreams is determining who we will need to help us accomplish our dreams. When we identify who can help us – and then decide to engage them in helping us – our dreams move from an idea in our head to the beginnings of us accomplishing our dreams. “Who” can get the idea out of our own heads and into the minds of others. This dream may captivate them as well. The dream may prompt an offer to help.

Even the act of sharing a dream with another person can begin a journey that we may have wanted for a very long time. It is the act of sharing, even with a total stranger, that can trigger real action and outcomes. “Who” is so very important to us achieving our dreams. Let me give you an example from my own life.

I wanted to write a book for many years. I love books and what they have done for my life. I did not ever think I could write one. Then, one day during a business conference, I shared the thought of writing a book with a complete stranger. I was talking to a conference presenter who had written a book, her name is Gabrielle. I mentioned I had always wanted to write a book. She indicated that if I wanted to write a book then I should talk to her husband. Why? He helps people write books. So, I took Gabrielle’s advice and contacted her husband, Brian. It turns out that Brian was instrumental in teaching me how to write and publish my book. Fast forward to today. I have now written my second book and will release it this fall. This all began by verbalizing my dream to another person – a total stranger at the time – who helped me accomplish a long-held dream and create new chapters in my life.

Who will help me? This question is a powerful motivator, activator, and assister in accomplishing our dreams. Identifying who will help you– or just asking someone to help you – can change your entire life. Time and time again, important outcomes and even lifelong dreams have resulted when I have begun with, “Who will help me?”.

Do you consider who will help you with your dreams? Do you ask others who can help you accomplish your dreams and goals? Are you willing to help others – and be their “who” – so important outcomes can be achieved, and dreams realized? What is stopping you from asking others for their help? How can you seek help with your dreams today? Doing so may be the best thing you have done in helping you achieve your most desired outcomes. Starting today will get you so much closer to your dreams!