Worn Out!
By: David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Do you struggle with being worn out? Are you “out of gas” so to speak? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. We live in an increasingly fast paced world where there is never enough time in the day. It all seems like a lost cause. Time is limited, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to get more of it. But, what if we could get more energy? What if we could increase our energy level so that we could make better use of the time we have?

In his latest book, No Limits: Blowing the Cap Off Your Capacity, John Maxwell spends an entire chapter on managing and increasing your energy capacity. In fact, it is the first chapter in a section on Developing Capacities we already have. Our energy becomes the great multiplier in our life. When we have a lot of energy our tasks and projects are so much easier to accomplish, difficult people do not seem so bad, and even the blessings of life are more outstanding. So let’s get busy fixing this energy crisis.

  • Get enough rest. This is really that simple. You need to sleep seven to eight hours a night. You may say you do not have time to sleep, but you are only fooling yourself.
  • Conserve your energy. Each day, look at your agenda and determine when you need to be 100 percent. You simply can’t be 100 percent all day. Maybe when you are meeting a customer or having a crucial conversation with someone you will need to be 100 percent. Conserve your energy for those moments. Don’t schedule them back to back if you can help it. You need time for replenishment. Don’t forget home time. Your family needs a few 100 percent times as well, so don’t always bring home energy leftovers.
  • Replenishment is critical so find activities that replenish your energy. What type of music lifts you up? What books inspire you? Are there co-workers, friends, or family members that energize you. When you feel run down, engage in these energizing activities. Spending time in your gifted areas will also energize you, so look for opportunities to exercise your gifts.
  • Disconnect for energy draws. Take some time to reflect on what, and quite possibly, who drag you down. Eliminate the energy wasters from your daily life as much as possible.

The great news is that we can, in fact, manage and increase our energy levels. If we are intentional in this area, it will have a dramatic impact on the other areas of our life allowing us to raise our capacity to do great things.

I would love to hear how you are managing your energy levels.