Are You Afraid of the Right Things?

By: David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Back in July, I asked you What Your Fear Factor is. My email asked these two questions: Have you ever been so scared that you felt almost paralyzed? How about one of those nightmares where you tried to run away, but you just couldn’t get your feet to move? I went on to ask about fear in your workplace. We looked at how fear can hamper productivity, innovation, and creativity.

There is a positive side to fear that we need to be aware of, and embrace. Fear causes us to act. When we are afraid of a heart attack, we change our eating habits. If we are afraid that our relationship with a person may be growing cold, we interact more with them to rebuild or reinforce the relationship. If we are afraid that a project at work is falling behind, we ask for help or spend extra time working on it. In these examples, fear is a great motivator. It brings about positive change.

In my own life, and in the lives of my coaching clients, getting to a point where we can’t stand the present, or we are fearful of the complacency, causes us to act. Each one of us should be very afraid of stagnation in our life. We should fear to live each day the way we lived the day before. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Nobody ever had a better tomorrow by focusing on the past. Will you be ready for tomorrow?

That last question should cause each one of us to have a little bit of fear. Enough fear to move us into action. Enough fear to compel us to become intentional about growth and development. This week’s podcast is a conversation I had with Brian Butler of United Radio. Listen to Brian talk about the growth journey he is on and how it has not only affected his life, but the lives of his team members.

Will you be ready for tomorrow? Join us on The Next Page Podcast for Episode 65.

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