Are You Prepared for the Post-COVID World?
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

We are less than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. However, so much has changed. And even more change is ahead in the Post-COVID world. Are you prepared for it? Now is the time to prepare both professionally and personally.

From my vantage point, I have seen an acceleration of certain trends in place since before the pandemic. Industry 4.0 is being implemented at a tremendous rate. COVID-19 greatly expedited digital transformations organizations were undertaking. I’m also seeing entire industry sectors being impacted, such as hospitality and retail, but finding the potential to reemploy individuals into critical sectors, such as technology and manufacturing. These are just a few of the changes that will shape our future.

At MACNY, we get to see first-hand how much change there will be in a Post-COVID-19 world. Services such as ours can now be offered virtually. We have been able to dramatically increase our services and reach through digital transformation. Like so many service providers, COVID-19 has forever changed the way we do business.

Our technology and manufacturing members have also seen significant changes in their ecosystems. This will only continue at faster rates in the future. The rapid adaptation of Industry 4.0 technologies such as additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, 5G, Augmented Reality (AR), Data Analytics, self-driving vehicles, and many other technologies will change manufacturing as we know it.

Now is an excellent time to take stock and identify what has changed in your world and what will only continue to do so Post-COVID-19. What has changed in your personal and professional life that is not likely to go back once COVID-19 is behind us? What are you prepared to do to adjust to the changes? What other changes can you see ahead that you believed were coming before COVID-19? Asking ourselves questions is the first step to taking concrete action.

We all need a plan to thrive in the time ahead. To plan accordingly, we need to see what is transpiring and take action. I am very interested in your insights into what’s ahead. Please share them with me and others on our team. We want to assist you as you thrive in the Post-COVID-19 world that we will soon be entering.