I Want A Promotion
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

This post will be from a bit of a different perspective. It is meant for all those who want to progress in their organizations and earn more money. Don’t get me wrong, I love people with ambition and those who want to achieve greater opportunities, but I often hear people talking about opportunities as if they’re owed them ‘just because’. Let’s look at six actions people can take to get that desired position or wage.

  1. Show up and show urgency – When I was younger, I heard people refer to this as someone with ‘fire in their belly’. If you want to earn an opportunity, show up with intentionality and a can-do mindset. Also, remove the word can’t from your vocabulary.
  2. Add value to the company – So you want to earn more money next year than you will this year? Awesome! What will you do next year that warrants a higher wage? Organizations need to be profitable. Even non-profits need to have earnings so they can remain a viable organization. So back to my question, what value will you bring to your organization so they can afford to pay you more?
  3. Be a problem solver – Our organizations are full of people who can find problems. I have known people who could find fly droppings in a pepper shaker. Very few people look at problems and see opportunities that can be solved. Be that person others see as a solution provider. Trust me, if you develop your skills as a problem solver, you can write your ticket to a bright and profitable future.
  4. Go the second mile – This phrase comes from ancient Rome. A Roman soldier could compel someone to carry their armor for a mile. Going the second mile is doing more than you are required to do. The good news is that very few people travel the second mile, so you won’t get lost in the crowd. This helps us follow the advice from Ed Mylett and get out of the people pile.
  5. Be positive – When you walk into a room, are people glad to see you? Do you have a positive effect on others? This might just be the easiest item on my list because it is a proactive choice. Choose well.
  6. Grow in your giftedness – Remember, people don’t pay for average. Your greatest opportunities lie in your giftedness or strength zone. Spend 70 % of growth time on your strengths, 25% on new things, and 5% on your weaknesses.

Thanks for letting me be so bold today. I believe in you, and your future is bright. Now go out and work for it!