In a World of Technology Growth, It’s Our Humanness That Will Stand Out

You will hear me and many others talk about the speed of technology growth.  It is a remarkable phenomenon. By some estimates, we will have 75 billion connected devices by 2020.  In 2002, there were only 500 million.  And, this is just one technological explosion.  These changes are happening world-wide.  It can all be a little scary.

With all the changes in technology, what will make the difference going forward?  It will be our humanness.  At the same time that we are seeing technology do more and more, we are experiencing a shortage of individuals in our workplaces.  We need capable human beings to both set the goals of our technology use and determine how it will run.  We need smart human action more than ever.  Our best way to thrive in today’s economy is to use our human ability to change in order to stay valuable and relevant in our workplaces.

We need leaders who are available, learning, and on-the-journey with us. We need their humanness more than ever.  That is why I decided to write my book which came out this week.  Leaders need to develop a road map for how to lead others and organizations in this ever-changing world.  This is what my book, Present-Future Leader:  How To Thrive in Today’s Economy, is all about. The success stories I have witnessed involve individuals who have one foot in the present and the other foot in the future.  They are present to others now and encouraging all to move to the future – together.  They tap into those very humble, human qualities they have while learning as fast as they can about what is to come.  They learn about what is relevant and begin implementing. Sure, technology will change every job over time – but we will still need humans to guide and run our companies successfully.  We need you to do that for the success of our communities.

Ask yourself some important questions.  Am I tapping into the best of my qualities as a leader and contributor so that my company can take the necessary steps into the future?  Am I adding more skills to my toolbox that help me add value to the changes in technology that are coming?  Am I passionate about this opportunity and helping others see their value in our organization as we use new technologies?  Remember, it’s our humanness that makes us most valuable in a world of rapid transformation.

Finally, if you have not already, please do download my book using the button below.  It is free until 6 pm today and it is our gift to you from MACNY.  I hope you enjoy it and will forward the link to your friends and colleagues.