Learning From a Different Place – Part 9
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

When I looked at my original 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership book, under the title of chapter nine, The Law of Magnetism, I wrote, “You determine who you attract.” As I reflect on this law, it became clear that who you attract is not determined by what you want, but rather by who you are. There is an exercise in the book that asks you to list the people you would want to have on your team. Here is my list:

  1. Godly People
  2. People with Passion
  3. Innovative People
  4. Loyal People

After filling in the list, John asks you to go back through the list and determine if you are living those things.

A decade later, what would change on my list? I am sure no one would be surprised if I kept number one. Number two might also stay the same. I want people around me who are excited about what they get to do. I don’t want people watching the clock to see when they can leave. I want them believing in the mission with a desire to change the world. Number three would change. I would move from innovative people to people with a growth mindset. I want people who are always ready to grow and learn new things. Interestingly enough, they will probably be innovative because they are growing daily.

That leaves me with Loyal People. A decade ago, this was about getting people to be loyal to me. Now I would say I want people who value others and add value to them. If I find people who value others, loyalty will come naturally to them. They will be loyal to me, their families, and their coworkers.

Once again, a law that I thought I knew well has grown in its richness and meaning. Looking back on this last decade, I am thrilled to see that I did attract people with those qualities. I attracted team members, found a new place to work, and have amazing coaching clients and attendees in my classes that also have many of those traits. The Law of Magnetism does work.

Next week, we will look at The Law of Connection.