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2023-24 State Budget – Department of Labor – $1.75 Million Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (MIAP)

 MACNY, The Manufacturers Association, and The Manufacturers Alliance of New York State (Alliance) support continued state funding of the Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (MIAP) in the amount of $1.75 Million in the 2023-24 State Budget.

New York State has been funding MIAP, a successful program that targets the upskilling of incumbent and entry-level manufacturing workers, since the program’s launch in 2016. The effective pilot of the apprenticeship program in Central New York created a statewide need to expand and support registered apprenticeships in high-demand sectors.

The MIAP program has served more than 700 apprentices at nearly 200 manufacturers.  These registered apprenticeships raise the skill levels of manufacturing workers and create distinctive career pathways, while providing individuals, especially those from diverse populations, the necessary training and education to succeed.  In fact, of the over 300 apprentices served in 2022, more than 59 percent were from an underrepresented population.

MIAP has been rapidly expanding into new industry sectors. These sectors include the semiconductor industry, clean energy and its supply chain, information technology, automotive technologies, agricultural technology, and municipal government.

With its use of trusted associations as intermediaries, along with its collaborative partnering, MIAP is a unique model of apprenticeship with proven results. Continued funding for MIAP would allow for the expansion of programming focused on traditionally underserved populations, youth, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. It would provide for additional support to work with high school, vocational and technical education programs, and community colleges to identify students who would benefit from a registered apprenticeship program. Furthermore, it would help implement a talent community hub, allowing individuals to connect directly with employers in each region.

MIAP is a critical tool for building a skilled workforce for New York to compete nationally and globally while simultaneously starting and advancing good paying careers for New York residents. The program is an essential component of a workforce development strategy to growing a stronger economy through advanced manufacturing.

We respectfully request $1.75 million in funding to be continued.

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