New Program Alert! The Metallurgy of Machining and Forming Processes; Instructor: Jim Beckman

Hundreds of times each day we touch materials.  Plastics, metals, glass, and paper are all around us.  This course will focus upon metal alloys, and what happens to them when we machine or form them.  Machining processes such as milling, drilling, grinding, turning, and cold & hot cutting; as well as forming processes such as forging, drawing, bending, casting, extruding, stamping, and rolling all impact the metal in some manner. Even 3D printing of metals falls into this category. Properties will change as will the internal structure of the metal alloy.   The goal of this course is to gain a fundamental understanding of the metallurgy behind these critical manufacturing processes, and how to ensure that the properties and internal structure are acceptable.

No prior engineering knowledge is required- the focus is on the basics.

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