New Year’s Resolutions
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

We have learned a lot about changing human behavior more recently. Much research has been conducted and new information is released daily that can help us understand how we change our behavior. As a leader, it is my job to understand this evolving approach to helping my team grow and change in order to be competitive and productive in today’s global economy. Why? Because we all must be able to change for our organizations to thrive.

So, what do I now know about human change? It is hard. I know this on a personal and professional level. Scientific studies have also verified this. But, why is it hard? Because humans form habits to deal with the complexities of their lives. This is good. However, it is this same set of behaviors or habits that then lock us into who we are and makes it more difficult to change.

This does not stop us from changing, but it does require us to be intentional about our change so we can form new productive habits and overcome old destructive habits. I know because I have gone on the journey of intentional change by both studying what science tells us and learning from my own successes and failures at habit change. I have used tools such as mobile apps and surveyed the popular literature. I have implemented dozens of new habits into my life – some more successfully and meaningful than others.

So, what have I learned so far? I get to choose who I am. I can change any behavior I want. I can eliminate bad behaviors and replace them with good behaviors. However, I must be committed to do so. I must use science to establish and maintain a habit. I must keep score and evaluate how I am doing. It is possible to keep more than my New Year’s Resolutions – I can change my life each and every day. To do so, I must be intentional about habit change. As a leader, this has been a meaningful learning for me and my team.

Are you going on your own change journey? Are you leading the way by making positive changes in your professional and personal life? How can you help others adopt habit change in their lives? These are all questions leaders must ask themselves if they want to help their teams and organizations shift to the future.

So, if you are still maintaining your New Year’s Resolutions, that is wonderful! If not, recommit to habit change and learn how to do it in your life. Then, share how you are doing with those around you that you care about. And, in the process, create a great 2019!