Safe and Sound is a year-round awareness effort by OSHA to encourage every workplace in the United States to recognize the benefits of having a safety and health program. From August 10-16, OSHA specifically promotes this concept with a nationally targeted awareness and outreach effort. The goal is to highlight and educate employers and employees on the advantages of a safety and health program.
Participation is easy:
  1. Sign up to Participate at
  2. Plan and Promote your events which can either highlight one of your safety and health programs or use this week as an opportunity to learn about the basics of a safety and health program and begin working on the development of a program element at your worksite.
  3. Recognize your participants and participation after completion of your events by downloading a certificate and virtual challenge coin.
Last year more than 3,300 businesses took the challenge and participated in this event; let’s move that number closer to 4,000 this year. We encourage each of you to consider signing up to participate in this year’s Safe and Sound week and use this opportunity to either strengthen your existing safety and health program or begin developing and implementing a program to improve safety and health in your workplace.
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