Our Growth Only Happens with Others
Randy Wolken, President & CEO

We cannot grow exclusively on our own accord. Times have changed. The world is too complicated and moving too fast to grow and succeed by relying on our own efforts. I used to be able to be successful with my own learning methods and efforts. Now it is not enough. I need others.

There was a time when I could go it alone and learn what I needed by myself. I could read, study, experiment, and grow primarily alone. Why? Change around me was so much slower. I could figure it out quickly enough. I was able to be a successful individual performer. I cannot be successful doing this today. Teams win in business – and in life. The world is fast-changing, globally connected, and more sophisticated than ever. Almost nowhere can individuals be successful alone. Even in sports such as tennis, a player needs an outstanding team of coaches, players, and supporters to win the tournament. For instance, I just watched a match in the US Open where the lower ranked player soundly beat the better ranked player. In every category on paper, the better player was superior – accept during the match. This is true in life – the underdog can win, if the person is part of a strong team. Teams learn faster and better than individuals or inferior teams.

Each day produces mind boggling new developments and new competitors that I cannot possibly know and compete with. It is easy to get left behind – unless I work and grow with others. It starts with a mental attitude that says I must learn in order to grow and be successful. Where can I learn? I can learn each moment from others if I am willing to let them teach me. This is especially true of leaders. They have so many others around them. But they must be open to learning. Otherwise, those around them will not help the leader or the team. It starts with a desire for learning and a humble attitude.

Next, it means having a plan to learn that involves others. The group is always smarter and learns faster than any individual. I like to place myself in learning groups where good ideas and ways to implement good ideas are shared. At MACNY, every group meeting involves three things – review of outcomes, strategic review of next steps, and lessons learned. Learning is in each meeting. It’s not always easy to be able to accept the criticism of others, but we must do it to grow.

Another way to learn is to study concepts of change together. You may know this as a book study. I prefer to be a part of a study and change group where we are all working and learning to change together. (See below for an opportunity to be a part of just such a group.)

How are you growing as an individual within a group? Do you have a plan to learn and grow each day and week? How do you know where to grow and who to do it with? Are you sharing these insights with your teammates? Individual and group growth is essential for success. Get started today so you and your team will get better at rapid growth.


Unique Opportunity!

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