Pursuing Strength
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

What does it take to be a stronger person? As part of my reflection and growth, I realized that my perspective had gone out of whack. Last week we looked at a frightening reality from my April reflections, and I committed to getting back on track. As I worked through my reflections, I noticed a general lack of joyfulness. My focus had gone out of whack, and I was taking some important people and things in my life for granted. I also noticed that I had lost my appreciation for the challenges that I face. In a sense, I am getting weak and need to pursue strength again.

This new realization came as I engaged with a mentoring program that I have access to. I had been getting reminders of the monthly calls and was always too busy or tied up with other things to engage with the group. This week was different, I jumped on the call, and the next 55 minutes were amazing. Here are just a few things I learned.

You will never see the end if you quit in the middle. I know this is so obvious, but I needed to be reminded. How many ideas do I have that might be great ideas, and I just move on without seeing them through to completion? You might recall that in January I announced my word for 2022 is Opportunity. How many opportunities did I leave on the table of life forever because I quit or got “too busy?”

A pessimist is someone who makes difficulties out of the opportunities they are given. This made me chuckle. So good, so true, and so me at times. Especially the last month or so. Then I heard the flip side; an optimist is someone who makes opportunities out of the difficulties they are given. My word for the year is Opportunity, and I have been whining about the difficulties and challenges I have. Wow, did my thinking get out of whack.

Isn’t it interesting how engaging with new thoughts and learning new things can change our whole perspective? I am not 100% back where I want to be, but it’s exciting to see how far I have come in just a couple of weeks. I had a total of 9 takeaways from my one-hour mentoring session. If you would like to hear the other six, please join Marisa Norcross and me for episode 257 of The Next Page podcast.

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