Savor the Special Moments
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

Life will usually give us some special moments to savor – don’t miss them. This Father’s Day weekend, I will be walking my daughter, Christina, down the aisle at her wedding. I have three daughters and this is my first wedding as a father. So, as a rookie, I am not yet sure how it will all go. But, I am committing to savoring the moment. How will I do that?

The most important things in life – and they usually involve those we care deeply about – do require us to break from our normal habits. I have learned that special moments require me to stop the whirlwind of life – and to pause and reflect – even if only for a few brief moments. I need to let myself feel whatever I am feeling – sadness, joy, frustration – and just take it in. No action required.

It is in these moments that we need to be a “human being” and not a “human doing.” I do enough in my normal day. Sometimes I just need time to just be present in these special moments.

I expect to shed some tears and to smile a lot. I expect to reflect back to those times when she was a little girl and our worlds revolved around our young family. I want to remember the laughter, the joy, the silly songs, and fun banter we had. I want to hold on to this moment like the past moments – even if only for a few seconds and minutes.

I can be a pretty cerebral person. I like thoughts and ideas and outcomes. It’s just me. But, I also can just be present and available and emotional. This is the person I want to be this weekend. I pray I can be. Why? Because I am “dad” on Saturday. And, it’s the role I most want to have this weekend.

Being a dad for me has been the most rewarding part of my life. The smiles, the hugs, the playful laughter. Yup – that’s the one role I know I must get right. Sure, I’ve messed it up too many times to keep count – but I just keep on trying. On Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, I get to do what I long to do – be a dad.

In your life, take time to experience and savor those truly special moments that only come around once in a while. Soak them in. Let yourself just “be.” Don’t overthink them. They can just be the way they are – and you just be who you are. Enjoy! Life goes way to fast not to.


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