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For Immediate Release: November 16, 2017
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November 16, 2017 MACNY – The Manufacturers Association believes that perfection can the enemy of progress.  The tax reform legislation before the House of Representatives today, although not perfect in its current form, is a right step towards helping U.S. manufacturers be more competitive internationally.  MACNY has discussed the complex elements, its strengths, and the challenges of this legislation with our Board of Directors, as well as surveying our membership.  Overall, their message is clear: passage of the House Bill is a necessary step in achieving comprehensive tax reform and our members are supportive of the passage of this Bill as a part of the journey.

As the process continues with the Senate working on their version of a bill and then as Congress produces final legislation, we will continue to advocate for passage of the first comprehensive tax reform our Nation has seen in over thirty years. We do still have concerns with the current version such as the true impact on manufacturers and individuals with respect to State and Local Taxes.  However, we believe this is all part of the continued evolving dialogue in Washington.  We will be monitoring and advocating for needed changes as this tax reform effort continues through the democratic process.

Congressman Katko met with our Board of Directors.  We shared with him those items we supported and those items that still concern us. MACNY is supporting him and his vote for this Bill.  We look forward to continued work with Congressman Katko, his colleagues, and our membership in crafting reform that provides businesses with real tax relief that results in greater growth and investment by our manufacturing members right here in New York.



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