Syracuse P-TECH Students Visit Kilian Manufacturing

Kilian, the largest manufacturer of custom bearings, is based right here in Central New York. Next year, Kilian will be celebrating their centennial anniversary with 100 years in business making custom bearings. Kilian bearings are found in such things as reclining chairs, appliances, aircraft, recreation vehicles, and products in the automotive, farm, and lawn industries.

On February 8th the Syracuse P-TECH freshmen were provided with an Industry Visit to one of Syracuse’s best kept secrets in manufacturing. Several managers and staff from Kilian introduced the students to the custom bearings the company manufactures, their history, and examples of the well-known brands that buy their bearings from Kilian. When the students toured the manufacturing floor, they got to see the many different types of bearings Kilian makes. Students were thrilled to be able to make their own bearings, working alongside some of Kilian’s employees. Richard Mitchell, the Tool Room Supervisor, showed the students the various bearings Killian produces and explained what they were used for. Students were also shown the automated machinery used in part of the manufacturing process and learned that their generation’s skill sets will be in high demand. Kilian shared what positions they were seeking to fill and what the pay, benefits, and additional advantages were of being employed at Kilian.  Thank you, Kilian for hosting a great industry visit for these P-TECH students.