What Can a Leader Do When Change Occurs Too Fast?
By: Randy Wolken, President & CEO

What can a leader do when change occurs too fast?  As a leader, we are asked to respond to changes and to be proactive in leading change.  However, when our teams become overwhelmed with the speed of change, what can we do about it?  This has been a question I have been asking myself as I witness the sheer amount of change going on in the world around us.  This is obviously impacting our work – and our lives.  With the speed of change being so fast, what are our responsibilities as leaders?

First and foremost, we need to monitor the impact of the changes on our teams.  How are they responding?  How are the planned and unplanned changes impacting our team – and our business?  What can I do about it to help my team adapt and keep up with the speed of change?  As leaders, we need to be keenly aware of the pace and amount of change going on so we can be of greatest assistance in seeing that we do it successfully.

Second, we need to help individuals respond accordingly.  Not everyone deals with change in the same way.  We need to be able to meet them where they’re at and help them deal with the anxiety and uncertainty that is a part of change.  There does not seem to be any end to change.  Therefore, we need to be available and to demonstrate how we are dealing with change effectively.  We can adjust to change together.

Finally, we need to build trust with our teams.  Only in a trusting environment can individuals take risks we ask of them and trust that we will support them when it does not go entirely as planned.  As long as they are trying their best to achieve the goals outlined, and change with the times, we will support them.  In all forms of changes, it is trust that will be the key ingredient to our success.  Trust for each other and trust in each other will be how we succeed – even when our first attempts come up short – as they so often do.

By monitoring the impact of change, helping individuals respond to it, and building trust with them, we can help our businesses be successful  We can also help our teammates stay productive and passionate about the change we will need to be successful today – and in the years to come.