You Can’t Go It Alone   

By: David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

One of the issues successful people have is thinking they can go it alone. They have been successful so they just naturally think they can continue on the same path. That is until the environment changes, and they find themselves stuck.  Once they realize they are stuck, they double down and work harder at the same things and just like the car that is stuck in the mud or snow; they just dig themselves in deeper.

We have a long driveway at our home and it slopes downhill to the road. This is a really bad scenario because I am always tempted to drive through too much snow, thinking its downhill momentum will carry me on to the road at the bottom. Sometimes the momentum carries me into the lawn instead of the road. On one such morning with the wind howling and the temperature very cold, I gave it a go, and before I knew it, I was off the driveway and partially on the lawn. I kept saying “I’m okay, I have a big four-wheel drive. This isn’t a problem at all.”  Well, it was a big problem and with all my efforts to “power” out, I made it a bigger problem and just slid further into the lawn. That’s when I finally gave up and finally admitted that I need help. As I stood next to my white Expedition buried in matching snow my neighbor Eric pulled out of his driveway in his pickup and stopped at the end of my drive.  “Need some help?” Humbly I admitted the obvious. Thanks to Eric, I was back on my driveway in minutes and off to start my day.

How about you? Are you trying to go it alone? Are you trying to maintain forward progress on your path of success without asking others for help? If so, you may find yourself stuck in the snow on a bitterly cold winter morning with no one else to blame but yourself. If you would like to hear more about allowing others to speak into your life and help you, please join me on episode 71 of The Next Page podcast, where I discuss this topic with my nephew, Dr. Rob Freund. Rob was my thinking partner when I started my journey to discover my WHY.

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