Let’s Pull it all Together
David Freund, Chief Leadership Officer

Over the last four weeks, I have been writing about how to build a personalized growth plan. This week I would like to wrap it up nicely and put a bow on it. It just might be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself. Let’s review the four steps:

Step 1 – Where do you want to go? One month ago, I gave you my opinion that this was the toughest step toward building a growth plan. Step 1 is the toughest step because we don’t think about planning our lives enough. Far too often, we surrender our future to others, and we live without any intentionality at all. We take each day, each human interaction, and each experience as they come rather than planning them out in advance to help us achieve our desired outcomes. So slow down, take some time, and determine where you really, really want to go.

Step 2 – Where am I now? Step two might be painful, but it’s not difficult. There are three parts to Step 2. First, I asked you to conduct a closest friend assessment so that you could identify your greatest strength and greatest weakness. Then, I asked you to select six values that have meaning in your life. Lastly, I asked you to reflect on where you are in living out those values.

Step 3 – Where do I find the information? This is a fun step. In this step, you look at a variety of resources to add to your growth plan. I shared four types of resources in my post: books, classes, mentors and networking. In our Podcast on the same day, Marisa and I discussed several more types of resources and also shared where you can find free resources.

Step 4 – How do I build the plan? Last week I shared how I have structured the portion of my growth plan that relates to personal growth. As you consider your plan, identify things that you can do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to propel you in the direction of your desired growth. The last part of your plan is to develop a method of tracking your progress. Remember, if you don’t measure it you can’t manage it.

If you would like to learn more about wrapping up this project and putting a nice bow on it, please join Marisa and me on Episode 118. We will also have an additional resource for all of our listeners. This might be the best gift you ever gave yourself.

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